Friday, June 5, 2009

just spending the day cleaning, doing laundry, making lists and watching storms.
i went into tbilisi real fast yesterday to go to goodwill, a grocery store not a thrift store, and stocked up on several items i can't get here in sighnaghi. 
i'm trying to think of small menu offerings, i want stuff that takes no time to make or could be made days in advance. i think if i'm going to do something like this and if i start getting any busier i'm definitely going to need an employee. it's going to be incredibly difficult to run things here and be able to run errands and such.
for the menu i'm thinking of ideas such as, little pizza breads, oil/vinegar dip for bread, some sort of bean dip/hummus and maybe a cheese plate.
i'll have to see what is feasible and if i have the ability to proceed in this direction.  


  1. getting there, i never really have before now so it's really interesting to see what i'm able to do.

  2. cheese fruit plate and hummus dips a must.
    also something like a grilled cheese, but classier; so a panini :D