Wednesday, June 24, 2009


i got my first sunburn of the year today!
luckily it's not a bad one.
i went on a walk down to the church in the valley today, i saw that someone had done some dirt work down there so i wanted to see what they had done.
around the church there were a lot of old grave stones all around the place, kinda haphazard like, as if there was no cemetery plan.
when i got there today, i found to my extreme consternation that the assholes that did the work had taken all the dirt from around the place and also dug up all the grave stones and put them in a big pile near the front of the church!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

blah, paperwork, blah.

well, i haven't done much lately.
i was in tbilisi a couple of times in the past week, i went to upliskhti(sp?) near gori with my friends max and marcella and their kids and some friends of theirs that were in town from australia. 
we also went to the hanger bar and watched a cricket game and a rugby game while they were here.
all in all, fun times. 
i started all the final paperwork today with giorgi... ugh. i hate paperwork. and i hate dealing with government offices. 
but, things went pretty smoothly. which was a nice departure from what i expected.
so, thats it. i'm boring.
hopefully i'll think of something better to write soon.

Friday, June 5, 2009

just spending the day cleaning, doing laundry, making lists and watching storms.
i went into tbilisi real fast yesterday to go to goodwill, a grocery store not a thrift store, and stocked up on several items i can't get here in sighnaghi. 
i'm trying to think of small menu offerings, i want stuff that takes no time to make or could be made days in advance. i think if i'm going to do something like this and if i start getting any busier i'm definitely going to need an employee. it's going to be incredibly difficult to run things here and be able to run errands and such.
for the menu i'm thinking of ideas such as, little pizza breads, oil/vinegar dip for bread, some sort of bean dip/hummus and maybe a cheese plate.
i'll have to see what is feasible and if i have the ability to proceed in this direction.  

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

recap of the last week

last week i went to tbilisi for several days, it was really fun to stay in the city for a change, it was just too bad that it rained most of the time.
the man.u/barca game was good but not great for me, manchester came out really well for the first ten minutes then it went downhill fast. barcelona was clearly the better team. sigh...
i was able to get a lot of things done there, setting up an account, getting tables and chairs for the terrace, plenty of drinking and eating food.
on saturday my friend tarek brought his family to stay on their way to lagodeki park. they were great to have, they are nice bunch of people!
on tuesday i went in to tbilisi to buy blankets as i found i was sorely lacking enough for many guests. i had gvantsa help me because as of yet my georgian language is still almost nonexistent.
while we were at the market acquiring the blankets i got a call from a shipping company saying that my package from my parents had arrived(yay!).
so, we had to go to this office and do a bunch of paperwork and then go all the way out to the old airport and do more paperwork before i finally got the package.
by the time i finally got all that crap done it was time to catch the marshrutka home.
as i was leaving tbilisi i got a call from tarek asking if they could stat the night again.
so, they stayed last night and hung out here for a while today.

today when i was at the market i found some interesting looking peppers so i bought them and made some salsa.
this is some of the best salsa i've ever had. it burns like hell but it's damned delicious!
now, if only i had some proper corn chips it would be perfect but i'll have to make do with doritos.
i also made some ice tea today, i'm just waiting for it to cool now. i hope it turns out ok...
tomorrow i think i'm going back to tbilisi again, since i had to spend my tuesday running around doing paper work i wasn't able to get everything i needed.