Monday, November 22, 2010


I am going to Lithuania for christmas.
There are 2 reasons for me doing this,
1. most importantly, to see my girlfriend.
2. to eat.
I plan on eating as much wonderful food there as possible. It sounds like most of it is meat and potatoes and other starchy foods so this means i should be in heaven.
Lots of pork. Lots of caraway. Lots of rye bread. Lots of root vegetables. Hell yes!
The weird part of all this is though, We're hitchhiking back from Lithuania to Georgia.
This means, traveling through: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey!
Anyways, I will leave you with this link.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shuarma Stalls

Near where i live on marjanishvili, there are many shuarma stalls.
Many of them are pretty good, the one near the metro is decent, the one that looks like a diner is very good and there are a couple of others as weell.
But, the best one i have found thus far, has just opened about 50 meters past the populi on marjanishvili.
For 3 lari, you can get a super tasty, good sized shuarma.
The meat they use is really good, all the vegetables are fresh, the cilantro(coriander) mix they have is delicious, and the guys who run it are super friendly and cool.
If you're in the area and hankering for a shuarma, you should defiantly stop in there and get one!
I've only ever had the 3 lari offering but that have several different prices from 3 to 12 lari.

If anyone knows of other good places, let me know!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Living in Tbilisi

As of the past couple of weeks, i have been living in Tbilisi.
I got a job teaching english privately to several people here in the city a few weeks ago and it's proving to be very challenging and interesting.
sometimes it's fun. and i really like most of my students so far.

I am living on a very nice street near the center of the city with my friends Ian, Dion and Humfrey in a nice little apartment with a crazy cat, Tatebi.

So... yeah. thats about all. I'll write more later and go more into depth about certain things around the city and other happenings.