Thursday, September 23, 2010

needing ideas

Hello everyone.
I need ideas for stuff to make (that takes into consideration that i live in a tiny town in georgia), i haven't been able to think of anything great lately. I have made some interesting turkish eggplant dishes and brownies but thats about as crazy as i have gotten.
I think i'm gonna try out making cornbread and chili soon as it's getting colder. we'll see how THAT turns out.

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  1. Ok so you have a friend in turketi now, yeah? get some crazy spices brought...

    then we need to experiment more with chacha cooking, and perhaps cheesemaking. Also as autumn (fall) draws in make some savoury (savory) vegetable crumbles (cobblers) with aforementioned cheese in the topping and a yellow faux-custard sauce. sorted x