Monday, March 21, 2011


Tonight, under the instruction of my dear friend Dion, I, for the first time, made a sort of Gnocchi.
I've been led to believe that it's an Italian dish.
We made it as such: simmered down spinach, xacho (a sort of fresh cheese like cottage cheese) and flour. Normally it's made with potatoes, but we experimented. you mix all these together and then roll it out into about a dime size snake and then pinch off 1 inch pieces. have water boiling and drop them in, when they are ready, they'll float to the top. with this recipe, we had to boil them a bit longer, about an extra minute or two.

For a sauce, we made a fairly simple walnut blue cheese sauce. It was toasted walnuts, smashed. onions, sour cream and blue cheese.

Very tasty and simple, just time consuming to roll out the dough.

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