Thursday, August 12, 2010

The last week in food

Over the past week i haven't had any internet so i haven't posed anything.
here is quick run down of the food i have made and eaten. pictures will come later.

Saturday night: After a long day of hiking and skinny dipping in lagodekhi, Ian, Dion and i came home and made a wonderful layered, baked pasta dish with a tomato and eggplant sauce layer and a white sauce layer. Topped with melted Sulguni cheese. Tavqveri wine from Pheasants Tears went amazingly with it.

Sunday night: We all woke up late and spent the day relaxing and went for a walk in the valley near the house and picked a bunch of wild black raspberries. For supper, we grilled eggplants and tomatoes and peppers over the fire on Shampuras (shish kabob sticks) and also potatoes and carrots in tinfoil in the fire itself. the remainder of the Tavqveri and Grant's whiskey for the drinks. After dinner we played Rummy til nice and late with more whiskey/medicine.

Monday night: I was on my own so i made fajita-ish peppers and tomatoes and put it on rice. can't remember what i drank. probably a bit of whiskey.

Tuesday night: Nothing special. just chopped tomatoes and mixed with basalmic vinegar and black pepper on top of bread.

Wednesday: Made spicy baked beans. had to soak the beans over night and then boiled the hell out of them for an hour or so. Then dumped in a load of tomatoes and onions and hot peppers and chili spices. It turned out pretty well.

No idea yet what i'm gonna do today. We'll have to wait and see if I want to go into the market and buy stuff or use up what i have left here.

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