Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend fest, desert.

Over the weekend, I had a group of czechs stay here at my house.
We had a good lot of wine and tried a cafe in signagi that i hadn't been to before.
It's actually quite nice and very cheap. it should be a place i go back to often.
On friday night, My friend Inge and her friend Nienke, who was visiting from holland, came also.
We made quite the feast, having mstvadi(pork kebabs),loads of salads, some bean paste dish that was super good, ROASTED, STUFFED WITH CHEESE, PEPPERS THAT WERE WONDERFUL, loads of beers and wines and some whiskey and chacha.

it was a very nice evening and everyone got properly drunk and Thor had loads of delicious raw meat for supper.

next day, we all piled in the car and went to Davit garedja monastery out in the desertish wilds near the azeri border.
Since it was blisteringly hot, Inge and i stayed at the car while the others hiked up and over to the other side, since we'd been there several times before.
I drove them all back to Tbilisi and went out for sushi with Inge and Nienke and J. afterwards, we went to my friend Ben's goodbye party. I had a liter size cup for beer. it was the coolest thing ever. I had it refilled a few too many times though. Hahahaha!

Good weekend, next week: out into the wild!

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